Tessellated Geometry

Tessellated Geometry Builds and Validates on Proof of Stake Networks

Our mission is to build and grow the proof of stake blockchain ecosystem. We work with chains, validators, and code to make that happen.

We believe these networks represent a nascent technology which is uniquely positioned to benefit humanity by decentralizing large entities, democratizing access to finance and improving transparency.

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Tessellated Geometry Believes that Validators are a Public Good

We view validators as stewards of a chain and validation as a community service rather than a for profit operation. We charge minimal fees which only help to defray our infrastructure costs.

Our validators are secure, online 24/7 and continuously monitored.

Vote for our validators:

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Tessellated Geometry Builds Tools to Advance Blockchain's Mission

We build libraries, tools and services for networks which align with our mission.

We are also available for hire - get in touch to learn more.

See our work for yourself:

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